Eat to Live – “The Transition”

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By Dahni
©️ 2018, all rights reserved

I’m sure you know someone or have perhaps been like I often was, a person that lives to eat. Maybe it’s because I have been a chef and enjoy cooking, used to tasting everything so if it tastes great to me, I would serve it to you.

But living to eat is more than just tasting. It’s like planning your whole life (or at least the day), around getting food, preparing food and eating food. I did not think I lusted for food or was an addict. I just like good food that is fresh, uses the best possible ingredients and taste good. And it’s good for the appetite and the digestion and full of aromas, sounds (popping, hissing, simmering and etc.); sights and all the senses, more than abundantly employed! 🙂

I will say this about chefs. Not a single one worth their salt isn’t interested in the best ingredients, freshest and from local sources when possible. They are interested in the best agriculture practices. They are interested in the best preparation and cooking techniques. Of course they are interested in garnish, art, innovation and beauty in presentation. Well, yes, ego is some of this drive to perfection. But it is their live for cooking that draws them to the culinary arts. But do you know what the are most concerned with and care about?? YOU and I! Food processors, supermarkets, for the most part the entire food agriculture industry? Not so much. They want our money, want us to consume their products as quickly as possible and food “consumables” are engineered to keep us coming back for more. If that does not sound like addicts returning to their pusher, then it is at least an example of living to eat.

OK. I just came off a 7 day cleanse to cleanse my colon and bloodstream of toxins and poisons accumulate over these past forty years or so (which was the last time I did the 7 day cleanse). I included no smoking with the intent of never smoking again.

The benefits to me personally and noticeably to me, from the last seven days in a nutshell:

1. I lost 8 pounds
2. I have not needed any allergy pills for days
3. I am calmer (sure my blood pressure is lower?)
4. Sleeping better and in one place – bed! 🙂
5. Sense of smell becoming even more acute
6. Not wheezing, coughing, hacking, lungs are clearing, but still NOT smoking
7. Not tired like I was. I attribute this to the cleanse, recently prescribed vitamin D pill of once a week for 8 weeks ( this is week 3), and when possible, i.e. the sun is out and shining, 20 minutes of sun-worship-vitamin-D-therapy. 🙂
8. Energy levels sustained and not needling to sleep so much/often. BIG PLUS AND A THUMBS UP!!!

So, this was day 8 and I began transitioning back to food and a Ketogenic diet (more about this in a future post).

I began when my cleanse ingredients and only needed to repeat this again before bed.
Supplements were taken at morning, afternoon and night corresponding to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast 7:00 AM:

Large cup of black coffee a heaping spoon of coconut oil and a big chunk of butter. This is Keto coffee which signals the body to produce ketones from fat the only other energy source besides glucose the body needs.

Enjoyable. Perked me up and sustained til’ lunch!

Lunch 12::00 Noon:

1 granny smith apple 🍏 peel and all and yes I was full.

Dinner 5:00 PM:

1/2 pound of fresh organic spinach and sunflower seed sprouts rinsed and steamed for 3 minutes and drained. To this I liberally sprinkled turmeric, a big pat of butter melted in the hot spinach, added virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar and a little Himalayan pink salt. Mixed and enjoyed deliciously. And I drank juice too.

Learning to ‘Live to Eat’ begins for me, with my new favorite phrase

Yah’ gotta’ start somewhere! 🙂

Til’ next time,



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